CFD Day Outline

First 45 minutes - eportfolio and 20% work
Next 45 minutes (or less) - 20% presentations
Remaining time - handing in e-portfolios (with 20% and all other mandatory requirements - see below), blog, review, 20% reflection, eportfoilio self evaluation, and clean up

1. Class Review Blog (10 marks each)
Write up final blog
Click here and do this survey

2. 20 % Project
Present your project to class
Fill out this final reflection sheet and hand in / email

3. Hand in E-Portfolio and Print Off and do E-Portfolio Rubric (Self Evaluation)
external image msword.png
external image msword.png
E-Portfolio Rubric.doc

external image msword.png
external image msword.png
E-Portfolio Marking Guide Sheet.doc

ePortfolio Checklist
  • must have a write up for each piece of work
  • must provide preproduction notes/storyboard/pictures
  • if you did something in liue of a mandatory assignment please let me know
- vodcast (mandatory)
- other sound tracks (optional)
- other audio tracks (ex garageband samples) (optional)
- News Training (mandatory)
- Energize (mandatory)
- Video Art Project (mandatory)
- other projects (movie, contest, optional)
Graphic Design
- Hall Pass (mandatory)
- Motivational Poster (mandatory)
- other work (optional)
Adobe Work
- After Math Poster (mandatory)
- Kayak Animation (mandatory)
- Bistro (mandatory)
20 Percent Project
- project (mandatory)
Site Map
- Site Map made in Photoshop / hotspotted in Dreamweaver (mandatory)
- bio (mandatory)
- link to blog (mandatory)
- contact info (mandatory)
- Resume in pdf form (mandatory)
- links to social media (optional)

4. Save any and all things you want to keep because computers being wiped.

5. If you want to do Adobe Testing let me know and we'll arrange a time.